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The Inspire Education Global Citizenship Course at Bradfield College is designed for ambitious young learners who want to understand more about the world around them.

Our world is facing huge challenges and our Global Citizens Programme provides our students with the opportunity to consider how we can act as global citizens to create a fairer and more sustainable world. Students will explore approaches to globalisation and citizenship, looking at the opportunities and challenges a global community creates. Students will consider and debate the inequalities of power and wealth, healthcare and technology; identify areas of peace and conflict; the challenge of global responses and responsibilities and the tensions that arise. Students will have the chance to develop their language, debating and teamwork skills through researching and discussing key topics. The environment for learning is fun, flexible and pro-active and at the end of the course, provides students with the opportunity to give a short presentation to their peer group.

  • Bradfield College, near Reading
  • 20 hours of academic study
  • Multinational mix
  • Course report. Trinity Exam also available
  • 1 to 3 staff ratio for safety and security

Dates & Fees


4th July - 17th July

Residential at Bradfield College for 10-16 year olds Two age groups 10-13, 14-16 yrs


19th July - 1st August

Residential at Bradfield College for 10-16 year olds Two age groups 10-13, 14-16 yrs


2nd August - 15th August

Residential at Bradfield College for 10-16 year olds Two age groups 10-13, 14-16 yrs

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Focus Choices

Creative Arts

For our creative students! Wonderful creative options – including fashion and design, drama skills and techniques, art classes and many more!

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British Multi Sports

Tennis, Badminton, Football, Rounders, Rugby, Cricket and many more! For our active and sporty students who are interested in trying lots of different sports.

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LTA Tennis Coaching

One of our additional focus choices available at an extra cost; Students will improve their all round game, as well as focus on nutrition, attitude and training.

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PGA Golf

One of our additional focus choices available at an extra cost; Improve all aspects of your game at our on site golf academy. Fully qualified PGA professional coach

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Horse Riding

One of our additional focus choices available at an extra cost; Instruction in small groups for all levels

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Active Leadership

Communication and leadership skills through activity and challenge

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Arts and Crafts

For our creative students! We encourage each student to explore a wide range of skills and encourge freedom of imagination.

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One to One Language Masterclass

One of our additional focus choices available at an extra cost; Intensive language coaching catering for an individual students needs.

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Meet the staff

Andrew Tyler

Andy is a seasoned summer school teacher and manager having run residential courses for children and teenagers since 2001. This year Andy will be leading our course at Bradfield College and brings with him extensive experience and knowledge of language teaching (he is DELTA qualified) and also a passion for education in general. Andy enjoys sports, drama and music and we look forward to welcoming him onto the team for 2017.

Maiken Hutchings

Maiken lives in Madrid during the academic year teaching a variety of ages and levels. Maiken first worked for Inspire in 2016 and was a vital part of both the academic teaching staff and also the entertainment in the evenings. Maiken also speaks Spanish and Danish which helps with her teaching of English to our international students!

Sean Duvall

Sean is the founder of Inspire Education and with 20 years of summer school experience had designed the programmes at Bradfield College to bring out the best in our students. Sean will be at the school, meeting students and parents and helping the staff team produce the best courses possible.

Jack Whitehead

Jack is in his 2nd year at Cambridge University reading English Literature. Jack is a talented musician, film maker and enjoys all our sports activities. Jack runs our photography focus choice and last year inspired his students to produce incredible portfolios in a short 2 week course. We look forward to welcoming Jack back to Bradfield in 2017.

Alex Day

Alex 'Doris' Day has been working for Inspire for many years and is a huge part of our courses. Doris brings a wealth of experience of summer courses and his creative edge helps keep Inspire fresh and fun! Doris helps mould our social programme, brings energy and verve to the course and trains new staff to meet the high standards we expect.

Nicole Mawby

Nicole is an English teacher who lives in Seville in Spain. Nicole joined us for the first time last year and made an immediate impact as a passionate and conscientious classroom teacher but more importantly as a caring, hardworking and empathetic counsellor to our students. Nicole enjoys music, art and photography and this creativity was seen in abundance in her work last year. We look forward to seeing her at Bradfield again in 2017.


London Full Day

A full day trip to London to visit the famous sites including Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The House of Parliament, Horse Guards parade and many more. There is also an opportunity to visit the main shopping areas.

Oxford Half Day

A half day trip to Oxford to visit the University of Oxford colleges, see the beautiful parks and punt on the River Thames.

London Class Trip

An educational trip to one of the famous London museums. This is a project based trip and will be planned within your class.

Bath Full Day

A half day trip to the beautiful Roman city of Bath.

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