An Inspire Journey to…Cambridge

New for 2018, Inspire Education is taking you on a day trip to Cambridge! Whether you are attending one of our Bradfield College Global Citizenship Courses, or our St Anne’s University Preparation Course, you will […]

An Inspire Journey to…London (part 2)

‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.’ Samuel Johnson, a leading literary figure in London in the 18th Century thought that too much of London was never a bad thing. […]

An Inspire Journey to…London (part 1)

We’ve been to Bath, we’ve been to Oxford, where could Inspire Education possibly go next? This week we’re going to the capital: we’re going to London! On a typical Inspire language course, students make not […]

An Inspire Journey to…Oxford

Don your gown, grab an oar and brush up on your Classics, because this week Inspire Education is heading to… Oxford! Our last journey took us to the picturesque city of Bath, travelling back in […]

An Inspire Journey to…Bath

Inspire Education offers more than just a language course; it offers an immersive British experience. Throughout the duration of an Inspire course, students have several opportunities to visit cities of interest and cultural attractions on […]

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