Sean Duvall, Founder and Director

With almost 20 years experience working in the Summer school industry, in roles varying from EFL teacher to School Director, I decided I wanted to create my own international summer school. Last summer we welcomed more than 150 students to our centres at Bradfield College and The University of Oxford and we are proud to be growing year on year and leading the way in a fast changing industry.

My mission is clear; to run incredible courses for ambitious young people. To create the ideal environment for students to flourish. The very best summer school experiences need a great mix of students, wonderful staff, inspiring courses in the very best schools. I make my pledge to you today that I will provide this for all that attend an Inspire course.

Inspire Summer offers the very highest educational and pastoral standards. The programme is carefully designed to offer a perfect balance between the pursuit of academic excellence and nurturing the individual to become independent and confident children and teenagers.

What is Inspire?

Inspire offers 10-18 year olds a chance to study and develop in an intensive 2, 3 or 4 week summer programme.

Inspire summer was founded to provide young people with the opportunity to interact and communicate with like minded students from all over the world. A passion for education and for nurturing our future leaders drives everything that we provide.

What makes Inspire Summer different?

  • The highest quality of academic courses, including a general English option and an advanced syllabus for our advanced students.
  • 10 hours per week of ‘Focus Choices’ allowing students to find their passion and leave with measurable new skills and talents.
  • A safe, secure and supportive environment to allow students to flourish.
  • Stunning school settings to inspire our students to learn and develop.
  • BAC accredited for peace of mind.















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