Location (Bradfield) – does it matter? (Yes it does!)

Bradfield College – our location! 

Where we are and the environment around us affects us mentally and physically, and if right, allows us to be more productive and creative when studying. So, picking the right location for your summer school makes all the difference.




Our summer course enables our students to gain an understanding of their place in the world, harness news skills and realise their potential and what their future may look like.  Bradfield College is conducive to the best learning opportunities and experiences.

When a student walks into a room, they will sense what type of learning they will receive. They will notice how desks are arranged, what is on the walls. How the teacher sets up the room will indicate social expectations and how students can communicate effectively. Activities will be set up to according to the learning activity planned and helps students’ realise their involvement in the learning.

Here at Inspire, we love to be outside. Bradfield College is one of the most stunning and picturesque colleges in the UK, with the a beautiful 25m swimming pool, tennis courts, 2 floodlit pitches, an amphitheatre and stunning natural grounds offering a unique experience for both our students and teachers.

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