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5 key benefits of studying abroad this summer

Young people choose to study abroad for many reasons. Some international students go to summer schools to practice their English language skills, some want to learn more about subjects they are interested in, and others want to experience living and learning within a global community. Here at Inspire, we guarantee that everyone will find something that will make their summer unforgettable.

Our students get the opportunity to choose a focus subject to discover for the first time or improve and develop their skill set. They also have the option to attend extracurricular activities designed to encourage socialisation and stimulate cultural awareness.

Whether you’re focused on your self-improvement, finding a new interest or thinking about University courses, Inspire has so much to offer. Here are the top 5 benefits from Inspire:

  1. Improving self-confidence

The creativity of our evening activities is as important as the quality of our academic materials and through this rich experience, you will prove that you are a capable, self-reliant individual. This short but powerful experience abroad will help you realise your true potential and give you the confidence to pursue your dreams.

  1. Develop language skills

At Inspire, developing your English language skills is integrated throughout. English language is desired by universities and companies recruiting worldwide and acquiring this skill becomes a social and economical mobiliser. We will help you develop your verbal and written language skills through English language specific lessons. Additionally, you will develop critical social language skills in a fun and low stress environment with a diverse range of people, which has been proven to develop English language significantly.

  1. Cultivate independence

The Inspire experience has a heavier emphasis on skill development and stimulating curiosity, creativity and self-reliance and ultimately finding your potential, all of which complement the more traditional method of education you experience during the academic year.

  1. Make new friends

Inspire’s nurturing and interactive learning environment at the renowned Bradfield College is the perfect setting for making a lot of new friends. Start long-lasting relationships by interacting with your classmates and participating in social events. Even shyer students will have an easier time opening up, thanks to the friendly atmosphere, the shared interests of the participants and the personalised care from the support staff.

  1. Have lots of fun

Inspire is always inspired! offering stimulating and innovative class activities. Take part in special events, parties and city trips to make your Inspire summer school experience unforgettable.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you.

The Inspire Team


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