Inspire Kit List: Top Tips

Inspire Summer 2018 is drawing closer and closer, but have you got your bags packed yet? Not quite sure what to bring? The British weather can be quite changeable and there are so many different activities going on, who knows what to pack! Well lucky for you, we are here to give you a few recommendations and last minute top tips to make your stay in the UK as comfortable as possible.


1. Raincoat

Yes, it is true. Even in summer, the weather in the UK can be sunny one day and wet the next. So make sure you pack a lightweight waterproof jacket that you can throw on in case of a shower. Obviously, we hope your stay will be gloriously sunny, but we can’t guarantee it, I’m afraid!

2. Trainers/suitable shoes

We have a lot of day trips planned and they do involve quite a bit of walking through cities on hard pavements. So, make sure you have a comfortable, sturdy pair of shoes in your luggage that will keep you walking all day long.

3. Party frock/smart clothes

Our famous Casino Night wouldn’t be the same without your beautiful, sophisticated attire. So dust off those party frocks and get ready for a very special night.

4. Black clothing

For our ninja Mission Impossible night, black is best. Why? Because all the best spies know that if you can sink into the shadows, you will be able to complete the mission. So bring your invisibility cloak with you!

5. Mobile phone

We do want you to be able to contact your family to let them know you have arrived safely. However, we do ask that if you bring a mobile, please think about how much time you spend on social media, when you could be socialising with the people right in front of you!

6. Towel and toiletries

Remember to bring whatever you need to smell sweetly! No one likes a stinking room mate, so make it your responsibility to have everything you need for your personal hygiene.

7. Sun cream, sun hat and sunglasses

Lastly, although we began by complaining about the weather, it can also be hot in the UK in the summer. So make sure you bring suitable protection.

Hope that snippet helps with your packing! See you very soon!

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