Holistic Education: Educating the Whole Child

Not long now until you embark on one of our Inspire language courses, and we can’t wait to meet you! Meanwhile, you might be thinking, ‘is an Inspire language course going to be like school back home?’ Well, if you go to an awesome school, than yes! If you go to a normal school, than no; it’s so much more than just a ‘school’. You are in for a treat because Inspire operates out of a belief that education should be fun, it should extend outside of the classroom, and it should be holistic. Let’s take a closer look at what that means in practice…

The word ‘holistic’, in terms of education, means approaching the child as a whole person. Often, in mainstream education, children are taught to use their head – they are taught to learn, recall and reproduce information mentally. These cognitive skills are are a fundamental part of education, and at Inspire, we pride ourselves on how much our students mentally learn throughout the duration of the course. For example, a wider vocabulary, more advanced grammar, or a deeper understanding of global problems. Nevertheless, this is just a part of education, in the same way that the head is just a part of the whole person.

Another part of holistic education addresses the hands. We believe that for a child to really engage in their learning, they must be active. This might involve learning through games in the EFL lessons, or through physical activities, such as sport and crafts. As a result, we try to give as much time to academic lessons as we do to focus choice activities (Creative Arts and British Multi-Sports). It is healthy for the students to have a balanced day, with a steady rhythm, and different opportunities to express themselves.

The final part of holistic education addresses the heart. If children are emotionally engaged in their learning, insofar that their imagination is stimulated and they have a creative output for their personality, then they will flourish. Moreover, we hope to see our students developing greater social and self-awareness throughout our course. Consequently, our Evening Entertainment and Day Trips allow students to experience new places, ideas and sensations viscerally.

Overall, with such a diverse timetable on offer at Inspire, we believe that the whole child is educated: head, hands and heart. Through this approach, we envision that these students will be able to go on and fulfill their academic, creative, physical and social potentials.



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