Inspire’s Top 10 Benefits of Summer Schools


Each year at Inspire, we witness just how much Summer Schools benefit the students that come on our courses. It is evident in their smiles and their laughter. It really is true that they have grown up in many ways by the end of a course. But there’s so much more than that; so let’s take a deeper look into how an Inspire Summer School can benefit you.

  1. Self-confidence boost: By attending a Summer School on your own, perhaps also travelling to the UK for the first time on your own, you will naturally boost your self-confidence as you realise how capable and self-reliant you are. You will develop confidence socially, by interacting with new people, and academically, as you progress with your English language. You will realise your own potential, overcome obstacles and extend your horizon.
  2. Level up your language: The language benefits of a Summer School are undoubtable. Over two weeks you will be amazed by how your verbal and written English skills will develop. Like anything, if you practice everyday, you will improve. We hope that our students feel confident in English by the time they go back home.
  3. An impressive CV: When it comes to job and university applications, standing out from the crowd is key. If you’ve attended a Summer School, then that will immediately give you the edge over other students who haven’t made the most of their free time. What’s more, it demonstrates that you are committed to your academic and self-development; you have the determination to improve and the motivation to learn new skills. These are characteristics that any employer or university will be looking out for.
  4. Casino-Night-Kids-International-Inspire-Education-Bradfield-Summer-SchoolSocial intelligence: We pride ourselves on our international mix at Inspire, with only 20% from the same nationality. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to learn about different cultures, religions, education systems and politics. You will learn to respect other ways of looking at the world, seeing life from a different perspective. This in turn will benefit you by giving you a greater understanding of the world around you and how, despite differences, we are all connected.
  5. Independence: Often, at schools, teachers can over-support students, standing by their side throughout their academic education. At a Summer School however, students have to find inner strength, self-discipline and organisational skills to lead them through the demands of each day. Whilst we create a supportive and supervised atmosphere, students are encouraged to be responsible for their belongings, to learn to time-manage and to be self-reliant. Fundamental skills for university and adult life.
  6. Interactive Learning: You will experience immersive education on an Inspire Summer School. You will be taught English in an engaging way, that will enable you to understand English right down to your toes! This experience will give you a taste of a different type of education- an education that doesn’t just stop as you leave the classroom, but that lives in everything you do on campus.
  7. Let’s get physical: Living in a technological age, it is more and more important for young people to get outside and to get active. We really encourage students to put their phones away, and instead, make the most of the amazing sports facilities and natural beauty around the campus (Bradfield College or St Anne’s College). This is your chance to try a new sport or activity, and perhaps find your talent.                                                            Team-Blue-Kids-International-Inspire-Education-Bradfield-Summer-School
  8. F*R*I*E*N*D*S: One of the highlights of an Inspire Summer School is the last evening when students write notes to each other. It is amazing how friendships blossom over a two week course. What’s even more impressive are the testimonies of how many friendships last after the Summer School has finished. Who knows who you might meet, or where they might be from…
  9. Fun and games: We strongly believe in having fun and letting your hair down. That’s why we’ve created so many activities for evening entertainment so that you can just have a laugh! It makes us happy to see so many smiling faces, and what with different events each day, we’re sure you’re going to have a good time.
  10. Inspiration: We hope that as you return to your home country, you will take a little piece of Inspire back with you. We hope you will feel inspired to seek new heights, try new things, and encourage others to step out of their comfort zone too. Be an inspiration.

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