Inspire Summer: Top 10 Tips

Coming on your first language course can be nerve-wracking. You don’t quite know what to expect, and you might have some worries about what it will be like. That’s where we fit in! We’re here in the run-up to your Inspire Summer to answer any questions you have and put you at ease. So have a look at our Top 10 Tips to get started…

1. Everyone’s in the same boat – one of our favourite expressions meaning we’re all in the same situation. Even some of the staff get nervous too! So try to be extra friendly because someone might be shyer than you.

2. Be yourself – the coolest person is the person true to their self. We celebrate differences at Inspire, so don’t be afraid to stand out and be you!

3. Give it a go – we’ll say it over and over again, but get stuck in! This is your chance to try something new. We dare you to step outside of your comfort zone.

4. Speak English – it sounds obvious, but the more English you speak on an English language course, the more confident you’ll feel. See this experience  as a great opportunity to make friends with people from other countries.

5. Live in the present – while we encourage you to let your parents know you’re ok, we hope you focus on making friends here rather than spending every free moment on social media. So have a go at pool, or test your table footie skills!

6. Ask questions – the Inspire Staff are here to help. Please, please ask them questions if you are unsure about anything, no matter how small or silly. We want you to feel safe and secure.

7. Experiment – Bradfield College’s canteen has an array of different cuisines, so why not try some new food while you are here? Who knows what will tickle your fancy!

8. Stay organised – with different day trips, activities and lessons taking place, it is important that you keep your belongings organised and are aware of timings.

9. Stay fresh – no one likes a smelly roommate, so keep your personal hygiene clean and fruity!

10. Smile – it’s scientifically proven that if you smile, you feel more positive and you spread the love! Smiling is contagious after all.

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