A Day in the Life of an Inspire Student


Wondered what a typical day in the life of an Inspire Summer School Student looks like? Look no further…

8am: Beep, beep, beep. Rise and shine. 

The alarm goes in your room, you roll out of bed, hit the shower to get the last of that food fight out of your hair from last night, and then assemble with everyone else downstairs in the common room.

8.30am: Mine’s a fry-up, please.

The waft of crispy bacon fills your nostrils as you make your way through the canteen, piling your plate high with energy-rich food to kick-start your day. You find yourself a seat with your new friends in the great hall, and get ready to face the day.

9am: Good morning!

It’s time for the Morning Meeting to get those juices flowing. Let’s get those bodies moving, those heads thinking, and those voices shouting. Starting the day with fun and games can only ever be a good thing. We guarantee you’ll go to lessons with a smile on your face!

9.30am: Do you speak English?

It’s time to hone your language skills and develop your English in a fun, relaxed and engaging way. Today, you might be creating advertisements, tomorrow you might be role-playing scenes. Each day is different.

12.30pm: Lunchtime

After all the hard work, you deserve a slap-up meal and some free-time. So enjoy the grounds of Bradfield College and take a rest.

1.30pm: Let’s get crafty

Focus choice time! This is your chance to focus on one activity each day for the whole of the course. Learning new skills and creating projects.

3.30pm Did someone say ‘fun’?

Multi-activity is when everyone gets together on the course to have a go at something new altogether, whether it be something creative or sporty – dive right in, you never know where your secret talent may lie.

5.30pm Do you speak English?

Let’s review what we learnt earlier in the day with our final lesson. Have you put any of it into practice throughout the day?

6.30pm Suppertime!

What a lot of activity! We need a feast to recover, what will it be to tonight? There’s so much to choose from!

7.30pm Evening activity

Last night might have been Team Trials (getting messy), but tonight is Mission Impossible (ninja skills). Each night is different, so there’s always something new to entertain you.

9.30pm Cocoa 

Let’s settle down for the night with a warm cup of cocoa before bed.

10pm Bedtime

Sweet dreams. Sleep well, because you’ll have another adventure tomorrow.

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