Undercover: Inside the EFL Classroom

So you’ve signed up for one of our Inspire Education courses this summer, and you’re super excited about the Focus Choice you’ve chosen and all the Evening Entertainment you’ve heard about. But there’s one thing you’re a little hesitant about: the EFL (English as a Foreign Language) lessons. That’s where we come in! We’ve sent Undercover to find out all there is to know about inside the classroom to put your mind at rest. Let’s see what they found out…

First things first, whether you’re practically fluent in English or you’ve just started learning English, Inspire is the place for you. Undercover found out that EFL lessons are streamed into Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels, following the outcome of a short written test at the start of the course and general conversational ability. Therefore, you’ll be in a class that suits you with students of a similar ability so that you’ll feel most comfortable. Phew!

Next, these lessons are not like your typical language lessons back home (unless you go to a pretty cool school). These lessons are designed by experienced EFL teachers to improve your conversational English. As a result, you won’t be slaving away over grammar exercises in silence; instead, you will be playing fun language games that will help you grow in confidence until you are speaking English without even realising it. Can you guess what game these students are playing? (Hint: it explodes!)

Undercover also discovered that Inspire’s class sizes are never more than 9 students. That means that you’ll get loads of one-to-one help, so don’t feel nervous to ask questions – there’s never a stupid question here at Inspire. Moreover, with a nationality quota of only 20% from the same country, this means that you’ll be in a truly internationally mixed class, so you’ll have to speak English to communicate!

Finally, this year Inspire is introducing the Trinity Exam in Spoken English. This is an optional exam but one that we highly recommend because it is an internationally recognised certificate. We offer preparation classes as part of your language lessons, so you’ll be extra prepared and fly through it without any difficulties. There is an additional cost of £80 for the Trinity Exam though.

Don’t forget that on completion of the course you will get a detailed Inspire Education certificate too.

So I hope Undercover has eased your nerves and made you excited about your EFL lessons. Remember, there is one thing that Inspire does exceptionally well: learning through fun!

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