The Inspire Team: Clare Copeland, Creative Director

This week we went behind the scenes to catch up with Clare Copland, Inspire’s Creative Director. Clare looks after all the pre-planning, in terms of the look and feel of our events and the environment […]

Snapshot: Evening Entertainment

Have you ever wrapped yourself in bin bags before? Crawled under a web of strings in the dark? Gambled away your hard-earned cash in a casino? Or put a stocking over your head with a […]

Undercover: Inside the EFL Classroom

So you’ve signed up for one of our Inspire Education courses this summer, and you’re super excited about the Focus Choice you’ve chosen and all the Evening Entertainment you’ve heard about. But there’s one thing […]

Why Learn Another Language?

We’ll put our hands up. We confess. Us English are incredibly lazy when it comes to learning foreign languages. Now, that’s a generalisation, of course, but there is some truth to it. At Inspire, we […]

Book Review: How Children Succeed by Paul Tough

We’re avid readers here at Inspire Education. We love stories, we love learning and we love sharing new ideas. So we thought we’d bring you regular reviews on educational books that we’ve given the big […]

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