What’s At The Heart of Inspire Education?

Let’s get serious for a moment. Want to know what lies at the heart of Inspire Education? Want to know what makes Inspire stand out from the crowd? It’s simple really, we have six core values that we design our courses around. All of our staff adopt our values, and as an Inspire family we treat everyone – students, parents and colleagues – with the same considerations. So, without further ado, let’s introduce the magic six…

  1. Inspirational: our aim is to inspire students, staff and all those that we work with. Our courses are designed to encourage our students’ passion both inside and outside of the classroom. Moreover, we strive to develop students’ independence and confidence, vital life skills that will enable them to, in turn, inspire others.
  2. Personal: with a maximum of only 60 students per course, we are able to tailor a personal service, where everyone is treated as an individual. We are a passionate management team who are onsite at all our centres to make sure the courses are of the best quality, and that the experience exceeds expectations.
  3. Ambitious: we are an ambitious company with big dreams. We want to motivate as many students around the world as we can. We expect our students to be equally ambitious.
  4. Fun: we are a positive and outgoing summer school. We are full of energy and are passionate about fun education. Our staff are encouraged to have fun and inspire our students to learn with a smile!
  5. Quality: we demand quality across every aspect of our company. The creativity of our evening activities is as important as the quality of our academic materials. Our courses are designed to offer distinction and calibre of service.
  6. Safety and Security: we understand that the safety and security of our students is of the utmost importance. This includes their physical safety when in our care, but also making sure our students feel safe and secure so they can learn, grow and develop both emotionally and intellectually.

So there you have it! You can now attend an Inspire Education language course in the knowledge that these six core values will be at the heart of the programme.



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