Undercover: Global Citizenship Course

It takes several key ingredients to make an Inspire Education course unique. Firstly, the English Language element, taught in classes with no more than nine students per class – a recipe for success. Secondly, the Focus Choices, a chance for students to try something new – spice up their life! Thirdly, Day Trips and Evening Entertainment, a sweet treat to balance the academic work. And finally, the Global Citizenship Course, the most nourishing and wholesome ingredient.

So let’s try a taster of Inspire’s Global Citizenship Course to find out more…

Throughout the course, students will have regular Global Citizenship lessons as well as their English language lessons. These lessons are designed for students to gain a deeper understanding of the environmental, socio-economic and political factors that influence the world we live in. Today’s generation are living in the Technological Age, an age in which the internet has enabled the world to become interconnected, but also makes the face of the world rapidly change from day to day. At Inspire, we want to equip students with the skills they need to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Moreover, we are passionate about learning how to engage with people from a wide range of different cultures and traditions, so that students are open-minded and well-informed. Our hope for the future, is that Inspire students will go out into the world as active citizens, have courage to seize new opportunities, and the determination to make their mark on this world.

The lessons revolve around current affairs and topics that will relate to the students. The teacher will introduce various themes, ideas and issues for discussion, which will not only develop the students’ English comprehension, but will also require them to ‘think outside the box’ by finding new solutions for today’s problems. These discussions lead into small group work, where by students will choose an area they are most interested in. They will then research this area, learning IT skills along the way, and finally present their information and ideas to the rest of the class at the end of the course.

Consequently, the Global Citizenship Course can be seen as nourishing and wholesome because it looks into some serious and difficult issues that affect our world today. The students often find these lessons stretch their minds as they learn new vocabulary and facts, dispel any myths, and take ownership over the world they want to grown up into. Nevertheless, as you can see from these cheeky smiles, at Inspire we seek to bring some laughter into the classroom. So even if we’re dealing with topics, such as global warming, pollution or the refugee crisis, we always balance serious work with serious fun!

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