Focus Choice Snapshot: Art

2018 could be your year to get creative. Have a natural artistic flair? Or perhaps you want the challenge of learning a new skill? Or maybe you simply want to get your hands messy? Then Inspire’s Arts & Crafts Focus Choice could be for you. This week we find out a little bit more about what goes on in the Art Studio at Bradfield College on Inspire’s language courses. Let’s take a peek…



The Arts & Crafts Focus Choice takes place in Bradfield’s spacious Art Studio, situated at the edge of the campus with its own bridge leading you across the stream and into a creative wonderland. Set against a backdrop of verdant countryside, and with students’ works adorning the walls, this really is the best place to get those creative juices flowing!

Moreover, the Art Studio is abundant with materials so that you have everything you would need to create your masterpiece. And of course, this Focus Choice couldn’t run without Inspire’s Arts & Crafts Facilitators. With a wide range of experience, bringing new and exciting ideas to the course each year, our facilitators are there to give you the individual skills, support and encouragement that you need.


Activities vary from year to year depending on the students’ interests and the facilitator’s speciality. However, usually activities range from tie-dyeing to plein air landscape drawing, mod rock sculpting to portraiture, mosaics to collaging to crafting masquerade masks. And that’s just a few possibilities!


Boys and girls of all ages thoroughly enjoy this Focus Choice because it allows students to express themselves through non-verbal communication. For some, this option provides a safe haven where they can use the language of art to communicate. Furthermore, students are always eager to show their families what they have created in such a short space of time.

The Final Exhibition on the last evening of Inspire’s language course is a wonderful opportunity for the students to show off their creations to their friends and feel proud of what they have achieved. Last year, there were even prizes for the most outstanding artist and the most improved artist.


So, if that’s made you want to pick up a paintbrush or reach for a sketchpad, we look forward to seeing your ideas come to life in the Art Studio this summer.



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