An Inspire Journey to…London (part 1)

We’ve been to Bath, we’ve been to Oxford, where could Inspire Education possibly go next? This week we’re going to the capital: we’re going to London! On a typical Inspire language course, students make not one, but two trips to London because there is just so much to see and do there. So, let’s take our first journey to London and find out what Inspire gets up to on its EFL (English as Foreign Language) trip…

This first trip kicks off with a picnic in Hyde Park. London is known for its numerous green spaces and Royal Parks, and Hyde Park is by far the most iconic. With the Serpentine Lido, Speaker’s Corner, the Diana Memorial Fountain and horses and bicycles whizzing past, there is plenty of activity going on in Hyde Park. I wonder if you can work out which statue this is? Hint: side-angle, Kensington Gardens.

Just around the corner from Hyde Park is Exhibition Road. Exhibition Road is home to the Science Museum, Natural History Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum, and the sight of London’s finest museums can be overwhelming. Such history, invention and curiosity lies inside these buildings, ready to be explored. Inspire dives into the Science Museum, setting students a treasure hunt, and off they go flying around the museum searching in its nooks and crannies for the answers.

Time to hop on the Piccadilly Line and head up to Covent Garden to put those English skills to the test. As part of the EFL trip to London, students are set challenges to speak to locals and ask them questions about London life. This can be very amusing and enlightening for the students as they pluck up the courage to speak to strangers.

It wouldn’t be an Inspire trip without the compulsory red telephone box photo!

Going to see a West End musical has become an Inspire tradition and is the finale of the London trip. Inspire keeps the musical a surprise for the students until the morning of the trip. It is one of the most exciting parts of the Summer School for students and staff. Last year, we went to watch Wicked, which was spellbinding!

Wow! What a trip, and that’s only part one. There’s a whole other London trip to come, so stay tuned to find out what exciting things will happen next time.

Until then, stay inspired.

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