We Wish You All a Merry Christmas!

From all of us here at Inspire Education, we wish you a very Merry Christmas wherever you are in the world, however you choose to celebrate, and whoever you are with. May this Christmas time bring you peace and joy.

We wondered what an Inspire Christmas might look like…what would you eat at an Inspire Christmas? What might you wear? What games might you play? And most importantly, what types of presents would you receive? Well, we got a little bit carried away with our imaginations, as you can see…


On the night before Christmas, all was well. It was a clear night with stars shining bright and the moon bending kindly towards the world below. A dusting of snow covered rooftops, fields and trees. Silence reigned, but for the owl screeching out into the darkness. Serenity lay across the land like a warm blanket of tenderness.

Inside Army House at Bradfield College, it was a somewhat different story.

Inspire Education had taken over the boarding house for a Christmas special language course. As you approached the windows from the cold outside, breathed on the window pane and peered in on the merriment, you would have gasped with disbelief at the mischief that was ensuing.

Grown men and women strutting around in bin liners wrapped around their bodies like dustbin mermaids. Children playing roulette dressed in black tie with wads of strange cash falling out of their pockets (apparently the next in line for the throne is a boston terrier). Girls and boys dressed all in black weaving in and out of laser beams. Someone is singing the lyrics to a musical over there, and someone else is rehearsing lines for a play over there. And in the middle of it all, stands an indistinguishable character covered in a beard of shaving cream that resembles…

No! It can’t be! It can’t be Santa Claus? You come away from the window, wrap your coat closer around you to keep out the bitter chill, and peer inside once again.

This time you see students eating Full English Breakfasts at one table, you can glimpse a BBQ out the back, a whole room full of desserts and copious amounts of cocoa being endlessly handed out. This Christmas just gets stranger and stranger.

Next, you see the Christmas tree in all its splendour with lights and decorations and presents underneath. A sigh of relief; at least something is normal. Although, on closer inspection, it’s not quite as it seems. The tree looks like a collection of bamboo sticks, the lights flash like cameras, and the decorations all appear to be tie-dyed. Let alone for the presents, which seem to be moving and growling from inside the cardboard boxes. Now you come to think of it, the presents do seem generously large.

Suddenly, the gifts break out and you jump back from the window in fear. No! It can’t be! Did I really just see…? You peer once more through the window to satisfy your curiosity and there inside, playing among the students are lions, tigers and wolves.


Merry Christmas, Love Inspire.

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