Undercover: The First Night

So you’ve booked onto an Inspire Education language course, you’re about to board your flight to the UK, and suddenly you think: what have I signed up for? What are the next two weeks really going to be like? Undercover is here to reveal the ins and outs of Inspire, to bring you peace of mind as you make that journey. It can be a daunting experience arriving in a foreign country and not knowing anyone. So this week, Undercover explores The First Night.

You touchdown at one of London’s airports and as you walk through to Arrivals, who’s there to greet you with a friendly smile? Inspire! Yes, we love to come and pick you up from the airport and welcome you to our country. When we arrive at Bradfield College the rest of the Inspire Staff will be there waiting for you to welcome you to your home for the next two weeks. Who wouldn’t want to meet this happy bunch?


Once you’ve settled into your new accommodation, let your parents know you are safe, then it’s time for some awkward conversations in the common room – only joking! Undercover discovered that Inspire has a pool table, table football, Wii, TV, boardgames and even a piano in the common room – plenty of ways to get to know people easily.


After your first Bradfield College meal (more about this next time), it is time for the Welcome Games! Inspire loves to have fun and break the ice through silly games. The best piece of advice is to just get stuck in! Undercover found that these games really helped students mix from different countries and find things in common with people from different backgrounds.

Undercover also enjoyed watching the students and staff test their skills at Tug of War. Who do you think looks like they are winning here? Oh dear…









Last of all, it’s back to the common room for cocoa with newfound friends, and then time to retire to bed. Sleep tight. You’ve got a jammed-packed two weeks ahead of you!

There we have it. The First Night isn’t so daunting after all; in fact, it looks like jolly good fun! Start practicing you snooker skills, learn a few tunes on the piano, and get ready to take on the staff in next year’s Tug of War. Challenge accepted!


Next time on Undercover: Bradfield College’s Cuisine


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