Focus Choice Snapshot: Photography

Have you ever wanted to get behind the lens to see life from a different perspective? Or, maybe you’ve been experimenting with cameras for a while, and now is the time to take your skills to the next level? Well then, Photography might be the Focus Choice for you. We bring you a very apt ‘snapshot’ this week of what you can expect from this option on an Inspire Education language course.

With expert tutoring from professional photographers, Photography is always a popular choice. The underlying approach is to learn how a camera works by exploring different subject areas and combining artistry with technique. Different subject areas require a range of techniques. For example, landscapes and portraits require different set-ups and lighting. Moreover, the course experiments with textures, patterns and more abstract painting with light.

Technical skills learnt on the Photography Focus Choice include the exposure triangle (setting the right light levels for a photo), shallow versus deep focus, different focal lenses, and editing skills, such as photoshop, colouring and altering.

Bradfield College provides a vast and varied environment for Photography students to explore. The course makes the most of the rich landscape around Bradfield, as well as setting up an indoor studio to mimic the controlled environment needed for a photography studio. Moreover, the Bath day trip encourages Photography students to have a go at being Inspire paparazzi as they head to the streets to capture curious characters and activities.

One of the aims of this particular Focus Choice is that students can start to look at the world around them in a slightly different way. For instance, students can begin to understand how images, particularly in the media and advertising, have powerful influence over our culture and way we live our lives. The technical skills learnt allow students to see how an image might have been enhanced or fabricated. On the other hand, Photography also hopes to give students an appreciation for the beauty around them – the little things that might go unnoticed to another eye.

Overall, the Photography Focus Choice requires students to think outside the box, to persevere to achieve their visual goals, and to have fun in the process. It is a delight to see the works of art that these students present at the Final Exhibition. The student who demonstrates the most promise, positivity and determination is rewarded with a framed picture of their favourite photo from the course.

If that’s made you look differently, then why not start snapping away in preparation for next Summer…


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 *Photos are students own work.*

*Please note that the content of the Focus Choices depends upon the professional in that field, and may take a slightly different approach to what is suggested above.*


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