Inspire Education: Redefining Potential

In schools, students are positively encouraged to ‘fulfill their potential’. At Inspire Education, we strive for even more: we offer students unique experiences that will enable them to redefine their potential, and go beyond personal limits. Let us take a look at how Inspire pushes the boundaries…

Attending a language course can put many students outside their comfort zone. To begin with, this can be daunting. For some, coming to the UK is their first experience of travelling to a different country on their own. Being away from home for a two-week course can be challenging, as the environment, food and customs may be unfamiliar. However, we believe at Inspire that stepping out of one’s comfort zone is vital in order to grow. By the end of the course, those students who were homesick on the first night undergo a transformation and don’t want to leave! It is always a joy to see these students surpass their own expectations.

Secondly, Inspire Education encourages open-mindedness. With students from across the globe attending our language courses, participants find themselves interacting with people that not only speak a different native language, but may also come from drastically different cultures, too. At Inspire, we celebrate our differences and are passionate about learning about the world from different perspectives. The beauty of a language course means that students can find common ground through a shared learning experience. Before students head home, they are eager to exchange contact details and stay in touch with newfound friends. We delight in seeing students becoming truly global citizens, leaving the course with a sense of interconnection that extends beyond previous conceptions of friendship and community.

Finally, Inspire Education challenges students to try something new with its array of activities on offer. Whether learning how to tee off at golf or trying a hand at photography, students have the opportunity to learn new skills from professionals in their field. Inspire maintains a growth mindset, and encourages students to adopt a positive and persevering attitude towards any challenges they might face. Our Inspire King and Queen are usually students that have demonstrated a ‘get stuck in’ and ‘give it a go’ attitude. They have the courage to miss a backhand swing at tennis or make a fool of themselves on stage. They try. And then they try again.

Overall, at Inspire Education we believe that through new and different experiences, students have the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone, become more open-minded and develop a growth mindset. These qualities allow students to not only fulfill their potential, but also redefine their potential. We will continue to push the boundaries at Inspire in order to see more and more students broaden their horizons.

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