Meet the Inspire Team: Johan Birkedal, Activity Leader

This week, we caught up with Inspire’s Johan Birkedal. Johan is originally from Denmark and became involved with Inspire Education when he came to England a few years ago for a working holiday. Now, Johan joins […]

Focus Choice Snapshot: Multi-Sports

Sports more your style than the Arts? Or perhaps you want to try something different and learn some new skills at Inspire Education? Well, this week we’re going to bring you a snapshot of the […]

Undercover: The Morning Meeting

Have you ever wondered what really goes on at Inspire Education? If you haven’t yet been on one of our language courses, now is your chance to find out! This week, Undercover reveals the secrets of […]

An Inspire Journey to…Bath

Inspire Education offers more than just a language course; it offers an immersive British experience. Throughout the duration of an Inspire course, students have several opportunities to visit cities of interest and cultural attractions on […]

Meet the Inspire Team: Jack Whitehead, Head of Photography

  This week we caught up with Inspire’s Jack Whitehead. Jack is the Head of Photography at Inspire Education. For the past few years he has been developing this Focus Choice into a popular creative […]

Focus Choice Snapshot: Drama

As part of an Inspire Education language course, students have the opportunity to also participate in a Focus Choice each afternoon. Focus Choice options vary from Sports, such as Tennis, Golf, Swimming and Multi-Sports, to […]

Think you know the Inspire Team? Well, think again!

  Have you been on an Inspire Education course before? Think you know everything there is to know about the Inspire Team? Or are you interested in attending next year and want to find out […]

Inspire Education: Redefining Potential

In schools, students are positively encouraged to ‘fulfill their potential’. At Inspire Education, we strive for even more: we offer students unique experiences that will enable them to redefine their potential, and go beyond personal […]

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