Why study in Oxford with Inspire Education?


Inspire Education launches new course at St Anne’s college, Oxford University.

So what are the key benefits of studying in Oxford? What do our students gain from their time with us at this famous university city?

1. Be inspired by the spires! 

Oxford is an inspiring place to visit and study. The history, architecture, international mix of students and colleges make studying in Oxford something special and unique. Soak up the atmosphere in St Anne’s College during tutorials, seminars and lectures and experience the city during the afternoon and evening activities.


2. Get noticed on your return.

Spending a summer with Inspire in Oxford studying a university preparation course will give you a huge advantage over your peers in the future. In the demanding world of university application it helps to show you have studied during your summers in a city like Oxford and been serious about improving both your academic English and also your academic experience in such a demanding setting.

3. Exposure to the university experience.

For those who gain a place to study as an undergraduate at somewhere as prestigious as Oxford University, it will be an extremely demanding experience. The workload is intense and the demands for social activities is high. Learning how to balance all these demands is key to success and enjoyment. Our 2 week course is purposely designed to mimic these demands in a short intense course. We also give guidance and advice on the best way to tackle these demands.


4. Improve valuable life skills.

Starting university, particularly overseas, is a daunting experience. As a student you need to show strong skills in independence, confidence, sociability, cultural awareness, responsibility and many more. These skills come more naturally to some than others. We will help you understand how to improve and embrace these vital life skills.


5. You will be surrounded by ambitious, intelligent and inspiring people.

During the summer course at Inspire, we teach in a way that mimic’s the Oxford University structure. A great deal of the teaching is done through tutorials – small groups with one tutor. There is nowhere to hide and you will be challenged to justify your academic approach and opinions. This demands a great deal from each student and is the perfect introduction to life at a top university such as Oxford.



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